For the last 17 years we at the Octopus Group have been applying our inquisitive nature in sectors such as investments, healthcare and energy. Across all our businesses, we now have more 500,000 customers and our investments have put more than £8.3 billion into the UK economy. We plan to keep on building businesses that will improve the lives of millions of people, because we want Octopus to be a company we’ll be proud to tell our grandchildren about.

This role is within a new financial advice and wealth management business that’s being seeded within the Octopus Group – Octopus Wealth.

We’re big believers in the powerful role that advice can play. It can transform lives for the better – helping people realise their aspirations, combat their anxieties and, well, live a better life.

And we’re on a mission to blow away the cobwebs and breathe new life into the sometimes complicated world of personal finance: no unnecessary jargon or complexity. Just smart financial advice, framed in simple, straightforward terms.


We’re looking for a versatile, talented writer who can bring our brand to life by curating and crafting a rich suite of first-rate content. In particular, you will…

  • Write engaging copy. Of course. Copy that’s drenched in personality and makes people smile and shout
  • Produce clear, concise and compelling UX content. We’re incredibly early stage and our website will require huge amounts of expansion and development to make it the hard-working cornerstone of our marketing that we need it to be
  • Get to know our target market, their needs, priorities and passions so that you can execute a packed content calendar that works hard across every stage of the funnel. You’ll work together with our digital marketing manager to build and maintain the calendar – which at the very least will involve producing between two to three blogs each week of varying topics and lengths
  • Write longer-form guides for existing customers and prospects (these will act as the key items of collateral that can support our inbound marketing and lead generation)
  • Develop awesome marketing emails designed to engage existing customers and bring prospects down the funnel. Emails so good that people actually look forward to receiving them. The sort that you forward on to friends and family because you enjoyed reading them so much
  • Work with our digital marketing manager to write a steady flow of engaging social media posts that can build an engaged community of followers
  • Write persuasive adtext – the creative that’ll fuel our PPC activity
  • Help brainstorm new content, new campaigns and new customer experience initiatives that’ll make our audience love us. As we begin to grow our prospect and customer base, you’ll also be instrumental in translating the insights we generate into a more tailored and segmented approach to our content creation


​Unsurprisingly, we’re looking for a fantastic writer. You’ll be genuinely passionate about creating great content that people enjoy. In particular, we need someone who’s:

  • Versatile. You’ll be as comfortable condensing complex ideas into five-word headlines as you will writing long-form content that people read over a cup of tea
  • Hard-working. You’ll be ready and eager to crank out regular blogs and emails at pace
  • Experienced. We’re not looking for a know-it-all, but you’ll have experience in writing across a variety of marketing mediums
  • Entrepreneurial. You’ll be comfortable with ambiguity. A genuine self-starter, you’ll enjoy thinking up and experimenting with new ideas for content. If you want it all on a plate, you’ll be disappointed here…


  • Flexible working hours.
  • Exceptionally diverse/multinational team.
  • Salary (tell us what you are worth) + benefits.
  • Relaxed, creative environment.
  • Stunning office.

Must have the right to work in the UK

Our Values

Be helpful

Random acts of kindness make the workplace a better place. So, go out of your way to be helpful, and give people reasons to smile.

Be straightforward
Life is complicated enough. Don’t make it harder for yourself, or for others. Sometimes the simplest approach works wonders.

Be bold
Every great business started with a flash of inspiration. If you’ve got a great idea, don’t keep it to yourself.

At Octopus, we recognise the importance of embracing diversity in order to create a high performance culture.