About Octopus

We’re not your typical financial services company. We want to change the world of finance for the better, with simple, jargon-free solutions that do what they say they will. Our products don’t just help real people solve real financial problems, they also make a positive impact on the world around us.


We are looking for a program manager to help design and deliver the Octopus Labs Academy, a brand new in-house Fintech apprenticeship . We want to take the next steps of our journey. Octopus is committed to embracing the increasing power of technology over the coming decade. Whether that comes from simple automation or more glamorous areas of machine learning and AI the opportunities within the Group are huge

To take advantage of these opportunities we are planning on launching the Octopus Labs Academy to train the next generation of financial services professionals in all areas of “Fintech”.

The plan is to develop a 6 month programme to run annually through which we will train and develop a mix of internal and external candidates through both the technical and soft skills required to operate within a high growth financial services, energy and healthcare group. It will include:

  • Academic study, guest lectures, case studies
  • This will be delivered alongside applied learning within one of the Octopus group of companies.
  • The content will be wide and varied and will cover both technical, analytical, commercial, legal and strategic elements but throughout all of this the curriculum will be based on real world experiences and will be teaching real skills.
  • We see it as an apprenticeship.


This role will take ownership for the delivery of the program and as such there will be a lot of creative freedom to shape and develop the approach, structure and content, a few of the immediate tasks are as follows:

  • Helping take the existing rough curriculum framework and extending it/filling it out
  • Developing bespoke Octopus course content based on existing rough materials
  • Working with partners to integrate external content into the program
  • Contact and develop a selection of guest lecturers around core areas of the curriculum
  • Help find the first cohort of candidates
  • Develop the potential timeframe for the program
  • Arrange events to build hype

What Next?

- Send a brief cover letter and a CV.