Great opportunity to be a key part of a small team that will build high volume FinTech platforms. We have recently hired 7 brilliant individuals and we would like more of you to come and join the team, so if in doubt please send us your CV and tell us about YOU.

- Python developer with several years of experience.
- You code because you love to "build stuff".
- You want the "stuff you build" to be used by loads of people.
- You spend your evenings and weekends working on your own side-project(s).
- You have a "can do" attitude and love to experiment, tinker and play.
- You've failed often enough to know you're not perfect.
- (But secretly you know you're pretty darn good).
- One of your side projects (almost) received seed funding.

- Privately held company, launched in a bedroom 15 years ago, now with 500 employees and £6 billion (with a b) under management.
- We're one of the largest VCs in Europe.
- We love entrepreneurs.
- We're building a series of FinTech platforms that will take the industry by storm.
- We're happy for you to keep working on your side-projects.

- You will be a key part of a small team that will build very high volume FinTech platforms from the ground up.

- Flexible working hours.
- Stunning office.
- Salary (tell us what you are worth) + benefits.
- Very diverse/multinational team.

We're ideally looking for a candidate who can work from our offices in London, but are willing to consider:
- Someone in the commuter belt who would come in to the office 2-3 days per week, and work from home the remainder of the time.

- Send a brief cover letter and a CV.